For the past two decades, PICL has excelled in the AC motor industry, specializing in designing and manufacturing a wide range of AC motors for both domestic and global markets. While we have maintained our leadership in domestic air conditioners and HVAC systems, our emphasis has increasingly pivoted towards global expansion through exports. Our flagship products are renowned for their outstanding quality, durability, and reliability, all of which are a result of our unwavering commitment to design, engineering, and manufacturing excellence.

To streamline our operations and ensure optimal efficiency, we have successfully implemented comprehensive management strategies. This has allowed us to create a nimble and highly efficient operation. PICL has proudly established a state-of-the-art product development facility in India and continually endeavors to adhere to international standards by incorporating the latest technologies, supported by our dedicated in-house research and development team.

Our growing emphasis on exports has enabled us to reach customers worldwide, expanding our presence in the global market. At the same time, we are dedicated to sustainability, actively working on developing eco-conscious products and practices to minimize our environmental impact, all while pioneering futuristic manufacturing methods.